Mobilize Initiative 2018


During the Summer of 2016, The Path Church set out to “Mobilize the Next Generation” through an 8-week leadership development course. This course was designed to teach participants the character traits needed to be effective spiritual leaders in their various walks of life. Men and women in the Singles, Campus, and Teen Ministries were invited to sign up, and pair up to facilitate various mission groups that would then mobilize in areas throughout the metro Atlanta area. The Marrieds Ministry also participated in a “Mobilize Our Marriages” series, which met during Midweek Services on Tuesdays. At the end of the 8-week course, participants received a Certificate of Completion and some went on to continue to lead the groups they previously facilitated.

The Mobilize series continued in the Summer of 2017. This time, men and women who were either currently leading or interested in growing as leaders in their current walk of life met in separate classes over the course of the summer. The purpose of these classes was to assist all who sought to grow as spiritual leaders and learn more about what the scriptures have to say about our roles as men and women in the body of Christ.

We are excited to announce that we are continuing the Mobilize series this Summer! The series will take a slightly different direction and will be centered around “Mobilizing the Next Generation” through various church plantings throughout the city! There will be a total of six church plantings, which are the Mosaic, Roots, Vessels, Nexus, Purpose, and Northway Vision Churches. We will spend the next few weeks planning the implementation of a Sunday service, which will take place during the month of August. Although each church planting will be led by church planters, we will need all hands on deck in order to ensure successful Sunday services! If you are not already a part of one of the plantings and are interested in more information, please see one of our leaders below!

Church Church Planters
Mosaic Church Ed and Tasha Jackson
Roots Church Quay and Tiffany Manuel
Vessels Christian Church Jamell Sowell and Kyndra Marshall
Nexus Church Sylvester Walker and Davonne Dupart
Purpose Church Jamal Buster and Alexis Patterson
Northway Vision Church Paul and Michelle Vendryes