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It’s all about working together to accomplish the mission at hand and every part, every person, every role is significant. First, we’ll help you identify your gifts. Then we’ll equip you to use them to make an impact in the church and your community. All you need to bring to the table is a willing heart. Let’s face it, the adventure of our lives takes on a whole new dimension when we get to experience it with others. No matter where you are on your voyage, we have someone that can relate. Below you will find a list of people groups that hopefully you can connect with.


Whether you recently tied the knot or you’re trying to raise crazy teenagers, this group will help you learn to build a healthy family atmosphere. Remember, it takes a village.


Being single ain’t easy! You have the pressure of starting your career, managing a social life, and searching for that special someone. But with the right focus, the single life can be marked by meaning and lots of fun. And if you’re a single parent, be assured that you have also have a place here.


Freedom! You can do what you want, when you want, and how you want it. Except of course if you’re still living at home. And that’s ok too. Find yourself by finding God’s purpose and setting a foundation that will last a lifetime.


Our hats go off to anyone striving to live out their faith in high school! We want to support you and help you support each other. We believe teenagers can make an incredible impact in their communities and schools while making friendships that will last a lifetime.


We all have our vices. For some of us, it’s just harder to give them up…and we’re talking about everything from drugs to sex. No matter what you struggle with, here’s a safe place to be honest and surround yourself with others committed to victory.


Who says you can’t be a Christian and an actor, model, singer, etc.? Through our partnership with Actors, Models, & Talent for Christ (AMTC), we are striving to equip you to make “good” bolder.